Business Description


2010 September KANDON Shinhorikawa store OPEN
2013 July KANDON Northern Nagoya store OPEN
2013 December KANDON Yamashina store OPEN
2014 March KANDON Kyoto Yawata store OPEN
2014 December KANDON Hirakata store OPEN
2015 October KANDON Licensed Store Recruitment for KANDON begin
2016 October KANDON Nara Oshikuma store OPEN
2016 November KANDON Tsushima store OPEN


  1. 1. Suburb roadside
  2. 2. Construction of more than 115.702m^2
  3. 3. Parking lot spaces 20 or more
  4. 4. Self-operation
  5. 5. Store layout

Why is KANDON so strong

1.Expansion of the fast food industry

Transition of the expansion of the fast food industry

2.Positioning as the winning team

First in Japan and first in the industry

One Coin Yakiniku Fast Food!


The plentiful meat gives it a sense of volume! Our medium size is the same size as other stores large!

The realism and freshness

Because your meal is made before your eyes, your meal feels much fresher!

3.A fully defined "Kalbi Don"

“Grilled” to bring out the best of the meat

How to bring out the best of the meat? “Grill” it! It is to balance both fragrance and volume.

Our "Secret sauce" makes it even better !

How to bring out the best of the meat? “Grill” it! It is to balance both fragrance and volume.

Real life grilling performance!

The sizzling meat in the open kitchen brings out your appetite.

4.Popular amongst the ladies! Healthy and lustrous skin with “Sundubu Tofu”

Helps you keep your healthy body!

The high in protein and low in calorie tofu, contains soy isoflavone which enhances the effectiveness of female hormones. The capsaicin included in the chili peppers used as seasoning increases your metabolism causing you to sweat, which enhances the moisturizing effect of your skin. Also burning fat which is effective in preventing obesity. It also leads to improvement in the constitution of dry skin. There are also an abundance of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are said to be effective for fatigue recovery and prevention of summer heat fatigue.

The suburban locations where competitors are few

“Sundubu Tofu” is popular in urban commercial areas for health-aware women. However, in suburban areas there are still less competition, making them the next frontier!

5.High profitability

Early investment return

Shinhorikawa head office had an initial investment role of 34.71 million yen, an average monthly operating profit of 2.27 million yen, making the investment back in 15 months

The reason for realizing the average monthly quota of 13 million yen

The two top menus of the one-coin “Kalbe Don” and the healthy “Sundubu Tofu” are what attracts the customers.

Low cost

Because the operation can be part-time staff centered, the labor cost can be kept at 22%. * This number is actual results of Shinhorikawa head office, and not a guarantee.

6.Dose not get involved in price competition

Differentiation strategy to not get involved in price competition with national chains

In a time where prices and concepts of food places change on a whim, by providing customers with our own unique characteristics, we have managed not to get caught up in price competition with national chains while securing sales.