About Us

We want to create a store that can provide affordable and satisfying meals, along with the best service, in a clean environment, at all times.

About Us


焼肉やる気 料理
Yakiniku YARUKI
The Yakiniku restaurant “YARUKI” developing in Kyoto, holds commitment to taste and attention to customer service as top priority. We are waiting for your arrival with a smile.
韓丼 料理
KANDON is a place that specializes in delicious and savory Kalbi Don and Sundubu Tofu stew each cooked one at a time. All meals can be casually enjoyed at an affordable price.
鳥正 料理
Bringing locally produced fresh ingredients to customers at a reasonable price. We have a full list of dishes such as, a variety of Kushi-katsu, Yakitori, Kama-meshi , One-dish meals and Seasonal cuisines.
ひとり焼肉 料理
HITORI YAKINIKU -Shijō Kawaramachi-
A casual Yakiniku restaurant that can be enjoyed by single customers. We have a roaster for each seat allowing our customers to enjoy delicious meat at their own pace.
A full-fledged meat bar where you can casually enjoy meat dishes such as Omi beef steak with wine. We have a wide range of a-la-carte that are all perfect with alcohol.
Enjoy a new time of cooking: “Niku-kappo ”, a blend of Omi beef and Japanese cuisines at an affordable price. We offer excellent dishes prepared with the most delicate of techniques, such as Meat Sushi and Beef Sashimi .

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We begin with a conversation. We will talk until your total satisfaction. Nothing begins without a careful dialog.

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